About us

OMMA utensili - Fiera di Milano 1948 e Bologna 2017

born from the mechanics workshop established by Siro Colombo, expert technician in 1933.

The small activity grew more and more extending its facilities in the production of professional hand-tools. Over the years the company has specialized in custom-designed tools on request, in small and large lots, while continuing to oer its own standard range of manual tools, which is proving increasingly popular.
Today OMMA offers a range of reliable tools, perfectly working which guarantees the respect of the nal quality thanks to new technologies, modern mechanic processing, holded up by long technical experience of its highest level staff.

OMMA’s business philosophy has remained unchanged over the years: focused on quality and competence, it has strengthened and is constantly evolving to satisfy all needs tied to tools, even the most complex, proving increasingly useful to users.

As part of product development, in recent years OMMA is engaging itself in the automotive sector, expanding its range of professional articles.

A strong and lively company with more then 80 years of activity would make its founder proud.